My Greek Drama, Gianna Angelopoulos

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Praise for the Book

"From Crete to Athens and Zurich to London, Gianna Angelopoulos has made a career of turning ideas into action. In My Greek Drama, Gianna recounts her successes – as a dedicated public servant, savior of the 2004 Olympic Games, and devoted mother of three – and presents a useful guide for those who seek to transform lives, organizations, and even nations."

– President Bill Clinton

"Gianna Angelopoulos has lived a remarkable life of achievement. Again and again she has demonstrated what one determined person can do to move the world. Her story should be an inspiration to many. For those who care about Greece, the Olympics, or the power of a determined woman her story is important reading. I have learned much from Gianna and you can too."

– Lawrence Summers, Professor, Harvard University

"The amazing and riveting triumphant insider story of the Olympic Movement's first ever one woman show. Learn the truths and the struggles of the larger than life Greek woman who twice rescued the Athens Olympics from ruin to make them Greece's only international triumph in recent memory."

– Dick Ebersol, Former Chairman and Executive Producer, NBC Sports and Olympics

"Gianna Angelopoulos is a force of nature, both in life and in this book. It is a joy to see her capture her leadership, vivacity and wit in these pages. My Greek Drama is more than her personal journey in turning around the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens-it is a clarion call for Greeks and others to reach higher, faster, farther."

– David Gergen, CNN Senior Analyst

"From her girlhood in Crete to her career in the Greek Parliament and then the management of the 2004 Athens Olympics, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki tells a wonderfully human tale of struggle and success. It is an engaging read!"

– Joseph Nye, Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard University and former Dean of Harvard Kennedy School

"With skill, charm, will and drive – Gianna Angelopoulos led the effort to bring the Olympics back to Greece. She broke barriers. Cut through barriers. And modernized a broken system. That success encapsulates the story of her life – a remarkable rise packed with lessons on leadership."

– George Stephanopoulos, ABC News Anchor

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